Hi, I’m Tom

I’m a Computer Scientist and PhD student from Karlsruhe

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Sep 14, 2020

Brief introduction to Differentially Private Machine Learning

In this post, I want to briefly introduce Differential Privacy to you, which, in my honest opinion, needs to get more attention in the software developer community. During my Master thesis, I evaluated the use of Differential Privacy for Federated Learning (I might explain Federated Learning in another post). The Theory Differential Privacy, originally $\epsilon$-Differential Privacy (DP)1, is a way to secure the privacy of individuals in a statistical database. A statistical database is a database, where only aggregation functions like “sum”, “average”, “count”, et cetera… can be executed. Read more
Sep 4, 2020


Did you ever wonder what it would look like if we combine a chair and an airplane? Turns out it doesn’t look that good. Before we get to this Chairplane, lets first outline this post’s topic: I am going to demonstrate you some possibilities of an 3D Generative Adversarial Network. That is: A GAN not applied to images, but to 3D Voxel objects. But what is a GAN? A GAN consists of two deep neural networks that try to game each other. Read more



My name is Tom Ganz and I am currently living in Karlsruhe, Germany. I am passionate about all topics of Computer Science and Im always happy to learn something new. Feel free to send me an E-Mail using my PGP key. Currently I am pursuing my PhD @SAP Security Research.

  • Currently: PhD @SAP SE and TU Braunschweig
  • Msc. Computer Science @University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe
  • Bsc. Applied Computer Science @Corporate State University Karlsruhe
  • AISec CCS Best Paper Award 2021
  • Cooperate State University Karlsruhe 2022: Lecturer for Compiler Engineering
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2022: Explainable Fuzzing
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2022: Graph Autoencoders - on the Hunt for Malicious Commits
  • SAP Development Kick-Off Meeting: Automated Analysis of Source Code Repositories using Machine Learning
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2021: Intelligently Protect the Enterprise - What machines may learn about graphs in your software
  • SAP Security Expert Summit 2021: Intelligently Protect the Enterprise - What machines may learn about graphs in your software

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