Hi, I’m Tom

I’m a Computer Scientist and PhD student from Karlsruhe

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Oct 4, 2022

Short story about evading Antivirus Detection

Lately I came across an interesting paper where the authors use Reinforcement Learning (RL) to obfuscate malicious Portable Executable (PE) files to evade detection by antivirus (AV) scanners. The authors use actions as, for instance, random byte padding, packing the binary, adding benign strings to the .text section, modifying timestamps, adding function imports, etc… to obfuscate the binary file. After applying these actions, the modified PE file will be checked against an AV to see if the detection rate decreases. Read more
Sep 14, 2020

Brief introduction to Differentially Private Machine Learning

In this post, I want to briefly introduce Differential Privacy to you, which, in my honest opinion, needs to get more attention in the software developer community. During my Master thesis, I evaluated the use of Differential Privacy for Federated Learning (I might explain Federated Learning in another post). The Theory Differential Privacy, originally $\epsilon$-Differential Privacy (DP)1, is a way to secure the privacy of individuals in a statistical database. A statistical database is a database, where only aggregation functions like “sum”, “average”, “count”, et cetera… can be executed. Read more
Sep 4, 2020


Did you ever wonder what it would look like if we combine a chair and an airplane? Turns out it doesn’t look that good. Before we get to this Chairplane, lets first outline this post’s topic: I am going to demonstrate you some possibilities of an 3D Generative Adversarial Network. That is: A GAN not applied to images, but to 3D Voxel objects. But what is a GAN? A GAN consists of two deep neural networks that try to game each other. Read more



My name is Tom Ganz and I am currently living in Karlsruhe, Germany. I am currently pursuing my PhD in computer security and machine learning. Feel free to send me an E-Mail using my PGP key.

  • Currently: Security Architect @ VW and PhD Candidate @ TU Berlin
  • Msc. Computer Science @University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe
  • Bsc. Applied Computer Science @Corporate State University Karlsruhe
  • Reviews for IEEE Access
  • Subreviews for S&P
  • Reviews for CCS AISec
  • AISec CCS Best Paper Award 2021
  • Cooperate State University Karlsruhe 2022: Lecturer for Compiler Engineering
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2022: Explainable Fuzzing
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2022: Graph Autoencoders - on the Hunt for Malicious Commits
  • SAP Development Kick-Off Meeting: Automated Analysis of Source Code Repositories using Machine Learning
  • SAP Conference on Machine Learning 2021: Intelligently Protect the Enterprise - What machines may learn about graphs in your software
  • SAP Security Expert Summit 2021: Intelligently Protect the Enterprise - What machines may learn about graphs in your software

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